Strategic Project Leadership

For many clients, developing real estate and implementing projects are infrequent activities. Also, many lack internal capacity – time, skills and knowledge – to develop their projects in an efficient manner.  It is because of this that clients need two things: 1) a capable and experienced project partner and 2) people who you can trust. We believe the first is easier to find than the second. As Development Consultants & Owner’s Representatives, our mission is to help our clients achieve their goals by optimizing the acquisition, development and use of facilities. We set out to implement our tried and tested approach which provides a cost-effective solution for acquiring the knowledge, skills and data-driven process necessary to complete your project. 

Our approach also enables clients to analyze physical, functional and financial metrics which affect the strategic goals and outcomes of every project and transaction. We bring the leadership to help you analyze, develop and deliver the optimum mix – something we have coined as the ‘sweet spot’.

Finacial Goals, Functional Goals, Physical Goals, Engage, Collaborate, Align

We understand that it is common for things to go wrong on projects and costly to resolve problems late in the process. As your advocate from beginning to end, we stand by your side to anticipate problems and mitigate potential risk along the way. Awareness of how early decisions impact later in the process is one of the skills ORB brings to every project. Engage ORB and receive the comfort and peace-of-mind of having someone on your team who understands the complexities and has navigated the process many times before.

More than your advocate…we are your partner. We put ourselves in your shoes as an extension of your organization living out your mission, vision and values throughout the entire process.