ORB Management

Our Purpose

ORB’s purpose is to serve as a compass of endeavor.  That purpose is realized through our efforts to help clients develop and achieve their facility goals through an efficient, professional and disciplined process.

ORB Management

Our Vision

Create lasting facilities and relationships while having a positive impact on people and community.

Our Values


We have faith in God, each other and our project partners.


We are a family & create a positive environment built on trust and fun.


We collaborate with leaders to embrace and drive change to ensure sustainable growth.


We give back to our community.

Team Work

We work in concert with a multitude of project partners toward the fulfillment of the Clients established goals.


We establish a cohesive, open dialogue in which all members of the team feel safe to participate at the highest level.


We stake our personal and professional reputations on the excellence of our work.


We do something today to make something happen tomorrow.


We serve with character, purpose, integrity and foresight.


We always bring passion to what we do and never become complacent.