Areas of Expertise

We protect your interests from an objective & key coordination role to ensure that all team members are working toward a common, unified goal.

ORB Management
ORB Management provides Owner's Representative services for construction and development projects.
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Development Consultants

With green space development and existing property (re)development expertise, we transform your real estate vision into an attainable destination.

Owner’s Representative

Although a client has the ability to recruit an impressive group of soloists, someone is still needed to conduct the orchestra.

Commercial Brokers

We combine local expertise and opportunity awareness with national reach.

Owner’s Representative Services

Although a client has the ability to recruit an impressive group of soloists, someone is still needed to conduct the orchestra.

Including the role of the Owner’s Representative is an investment that pays for itself. ORB’s knowledge of the planning, design, development and construction processes means you will receive solutions that are both creative and practical. We give you the time and peace of mind to run your own business while knowing your investment is being safely guarded and the independent technical contributors are being coordinated in the most efficient manner.

Find your Project’s Sweet Spot

Objective Client Advocacy
In today’s world of complex building design/construction, financial challenges, extensive permitting, entitlement and review cycles, clients undertaking capital projects increasingly look for project delivery that is solution-focused, team oriented and quality-driven. Owners are searching for a new breed of project partners: those who understand the role of the trusted advisor and adopt the outlook that their ultimate goals are project success and a satisfied client.
Because each project demands the involvement of many professionals and technical consultants, we focus on protecting your interest from an objective and key coordination role. We put ourselves in your shoes as an extension of your organization living out your mission, vision and values throughout the entire process.
Streamlined Communication
Our approach is to draw together an integrated team that is overseen by an account manager. We provide one key point of contact between the client organization and project team members, allowing for ease of communication. Because decisions are crucial, we establish a cohesive team which expands and contracts accordingly. All members of the team are empowered to offer their unique insight and expertise as project needs require.
The end result – high quality decision-making, unified goals and zero disruptions.
Planning, Design & Construction Process Management
For many clients, developing real estate and implementing projects are infrequent activities. Also, most lack internal capacity – time, skills and/or knowledge – to develop their project in an efficient manner. Our goal is to implement our tried and tested approach which provides a cost-effective solution for incorporating the knowledge, skills and data-driven process necessary to complete your project. We equip you with the necessary tools to navigate the planning, design and construction process to ensure you achieve your facility, project and real estate portfolio goals.
When you engage ORB you receive the comfort and peace-of-mind of having someone ‘on-board’ who understands the complexities and has navigated the process many times before.
Creative & Practical Solutions
Our professionals deliver creative and practical solutions – based on industry best practices and proven models of success – for both new facilities and the re-positioning of existing assets.
Credible Information For Solid Decisions
We empower clients with expert advice and accurate information to better predict project outcomes and the confidence necessary to ensure effective and efficient use of available resources. No surprises!
We provide our clients comfort, time and peace-of-mind to focus on their businesses and operations, knowing their investment is being safely guarded.
Establishment of Guiding Principles
Guiding principles are established and understood expectations, goals and priorities that dictate the decision-making process (i.e. project mission). They ensure stakeholder alignment and buy-in before project planning, design and development continue to unfold. Guiding principles also ensure that any project brought forward echoes what the community needs and desires.
Physical, Functional & Financial Goal Alignment
Key physical, functional and financial indicators and metrics affect the strategic goals and outcomes of every project. We bring the leadership to help you analyze, develop and deliver the optimum mix – something we have coined as the ‘sweet spot’.
Pre-Design & Pre-Construction Services
We understand that it is common for things to go wrong on projects and costly to solve problems late in the process. As your advocate from beginning to end, we mitigate this by anticipating problems and addressing potential risk early in the pre-design and pre-construction phases. Awareness of how early decisions impact project success later in the process is one of the skills ORB brings to every project.
Due Diligence/Risk Management
On every project, we work with our clients to identify potential risk and action plans to mitigate the associated risk. ORB has a disciplined approach to assist clients in being appropriately aware of and protected from many risks and liabilities present in our industry. Notable examples include implementing our contractor credit and pre-qualification systems; initiating professional safety audits; utilizing title companies to ensure proper distribution of project funds; monitoring insurance requirements and certificate issuance; contract administration; and collecting and tracking invoices, payments and mechanic’s lien waivers for all work performed.
Project Team Establishment & Coordination
We help you engage the right project partners at the right time. And we ensure all team members are aligned and working toward a common, unified goal. Our professionals develop requests for proposals for all project team members and facilitate the review, valuation, interview and selection process.
Financial Analysis/Feasibility Assessment
Prior to engaging other project team partners and dedicating resources on design, our team is able to help clients develop a “big picture” concept, with cost/benefit analysis, to determine desired outcomes and feasibility of success.
Value Engineering
Changes during design are expected. Changes during construction are expensive. Our style is to ask questions, explore ideas, research options and facilitate healthy debates during planning and design. The result is optimal use of materials, methods and systems within established project physical, functional and financial goals.
Community Outreach
On high profile and/or public projects, there are many voices to be heard. Our team ensures community engagement by utilizing a two-phased outreach plan.

Community Listening Sessions – Following our project kick-off meeting with the stakeholders, we will coordinate and facilitate numerous community listening sessions to determine the program needs and wish lists of your constituents. Based on proven methodologies, our workshops provide a structured, holistic process for defining needs, goals and priorities while building consensus quickly and efficiently. We will then compile, synthesize, translate and present our findings to the stakeholders at the first workshop. These findings will provide sound framework for developing relevant guiding principles and program components to bring a project forward that echoes the community needs and desires.

Community Presentations – After the initial Community Listening Sessions, our consultants will facilitate workshops with the project stakeholders to build upon our findings, analyze the various site options and work with the design team to develop the schematic design. Upon selection of the preferred site and conceptual building design, we will present the information in the same communities we conducted the original listening sessions to gather input, feedback and advice as we work toward a final schematic design. Our experiences show that the community presentations validate the project direction and ensure strong community support for the project overall.

Cost / Schedule / Quality / Scope Control
Barbara White Bryson, FAIA, says it best: “Processes will not make bad teams function successfully, although they can provide a framework for extraordinary success when a great team is accompanied by good values and tools.”
We bring our clients the right tools to control each project’s cost, schedule, quality and scope. We develop and manage all key planning, design and construction activities by utilizing our responsibility matrices, team action plans and scheduling tools. Our tools and best practices minimize design, bidding and construction scheduling conflicts; identify critical activities; establish bidding dates to obtain favorable bids; and maximize local contracting opportunities. We will maintain the design and construction schedule by proactively establishing, monitoring and enforcing all design and construction activities to complete your projects within the prescribed timelines.
Quality is achieved through clear expectations, disciplined planning, detailed direction, expert input, consistent observation, check and balance systems and qualified implementation partners.
Contract Negotiation & Administration
“The intent of a contract is not to say what you are going to do. The intent is to legally bind you to do what you said you would.” Tom Wacholz, ORB President
Delivery Method is another key project metric that can have an impact on project outcomes. There are many options for project design and construction implementation – each with their unique pros and cons. ORB has facilitated the selection, negotiation and administration of all available delivery methods and will help clients select the appropriate method for their project. We understand the legal language, but more importantly, we focus on holding the project team accountable to doing what we all agreed to do.

Other Owner Representative Services ORB Management Provides:

  • Construction project inspections
  • Dispute & conflict resolution
  • Short-term solutions based on long-term priorities