Areas of Expertise

We protect your interests from an objective & key coordination role to ensure that all team members are working toward a common, unified goal.

Development Consultants

With green space development and existing property (re)development expertise, we transform your real estate vision into an attainable destination.

Owner’s Representative

Although a client has the ability to recruit an impressive group of soloists, someone is still needed to conduct the orchestra.

Commercial Brokers

We combine local expertise and opportunity awareness with national reach.

Development Consultants Services

With green space development and existing property (re)development expertise, we transform your real estate vision into an attainable destination.

Through creative and focused collaboration with the best minds, we craft strategic and tactical plans to develop industrial, retail, office, medical office, multi-family and student housing properties that shape and transform the region.

Find your Project’s Sweet Spot

Fee Development
As a fee developer, our fees are very competitive. We can show you where we have been and the deals we have executed. We can also show you where we are headed tomorrow. Our process is simple – strategize, plan and execute. Period.

Also, some investors ask us to share the upfront financial risk associated with a project by deferring payments until it advances a pre-established milestone.  This sharing of financial risk translates into us assuming more of a partnership role through the planning phase as well as the ownership structure.

Public Private Partnerships
As best stated by Charles Long, “No industry involves the collaborative effort of so many different disciplines to create a product in such a publicly accountable process as development.” Because of this and the risk-conscious lending market, we navigate P3s by equipping the development teams with comprehensive information upfront.
Economic & Community (re)Development
ORB’s (re)development efforts are based on our broad market savviness. We help craft strategic and tactical plans that will kick-start your “economic engine” that may result in a regional transformation. Also, our investors and community partners rest easy knowing that we have contacts in the area and region where our developments are proposed.
Governmental Approvals & Economic Incentives
We never operate in a market of which we don’t have a sense of the local approval process.  And we will help you find a business-friendly climate with predictable regulatory structures and attractive incentives.
Master Planning/Road Mapping
We provide investors with long-term strategies and road maps.  We don’t concern ourselves with the “next big thing”, but rather focus on providing penetrating insight into the markets we know inside-out.
Planning Demographic Analysis
Successful developments hinge on market demand, economic indicators and data.  We provide a cost-effective solution for acquiring the knowledge, skills and data-driven process necessary to determine the viability of each development.
Project Management
According to Charles Lang, “The developer is the conductor of a chaotic and multi-disciplinary process, albeit one that depends on exogenous forces, especially market demand and capital availability.” Because of the many exogenous forces, it’s not uncommon for things to go wrong on a development deal. Clients hire us to anticipate problems and mitigate their risk by leveraging our team of experts to solve them. As a result, we offer the comfort of having someone ‘on-board’ who understands the complexities and has navigated the process many times before.
Financial Feasibility & Pro Forma Analysis
Our developments always have a strong chance for success.  Don’t bet on anything else.
Zoning & Entitlement
As review and entitlement processes tighten, the comprehensive development outlooks we provide investors are more important than ever.
Due Diligence
We never lose sight of the finer details that can trip up short-sighted players. Our development due diligence processes and detailed proposals provide investors the assurance that we make projects work in the face of potential risk. Our due diligence, your peace-of-mind.
Site Identification & Planning
ORB’s team members help companies, retailers and organizations reveal what they expect or need from their next location. From business, cultural and regional factors to connectivity and accessibility, our objective is to assist you with extracting your business strategy as it relates to geography and/or space planning. We can help you locate a site within a specialized business cluster if the resulting networking advantages or efficient supply chain opportunities are critical to long-term success. If business agglomerations are not a necessity, we may explore a more generalized commercial environment that offers a higher probability of attracting walk-in clients.
Multi- Or Single-Tenant Build-to-Suit
Whether it’s (re)developing an existing property or developing a green site, our team will help you create a property that fits your needs and meets your goals. Goal alignment among all stakeholders is our priority.

Other Development Consultant Services ORB Management Provides:

  • Acquisition Team Selection
  • Environmental Coordination
  • Asset Management
  • Property Management
  • Lease Up & Marketing
  • Financial Team Selection
  • Design/Construction Team Oversight
  • Strategic Planning & Visioning