Grant County Courthouse

In 2009, Grant County retained consultants to calculate the potential energy savings that would be realized from a window replacement.  The calculations provided did not meet the minimum requirements of the OES Facility Cost-Share Grant Program funded by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009.

In the spring of 2010, Grant County engaged ORB to review the OES Grant Program to determine whether there was an opportunity to meet the requirements.  Along with our project partners, ORB was able to identify savings that make the Courthouse an eligible recipient of the 50% matching funds.

Following the historic preservation and renovation projects at the Grant County Courthouse, ORB received top rankings form County Coordinator Jim Standish on PROFESSIONALISM, RESPONSIVENESS, TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE, COMMUNICATION and FLEXIBILITY.  He also stated past experience was among the deciding factors when selecting ORB as the Construction Manager.  Where ORB added the greatest value was in the ability to coordinate contractors and keep them on task – avoiding schedule disruptions.

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Project Funding

  • Office of Energy Security’s Facility Cost-Share Grant Program funded by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009 – 50% matching fund for window replacement
  • Qualified Energy Conservation Bond for 20% annual energy cost savings

Unique Project Aspects

  • Aligning the wants and needs of employees with the budget and initial design intent
  • Temporary relocation of employees was required to complete the construction scope of work
  • Critical public safety operations could not be disrupted therefore Emergency Management was housed in a temporary area
  • Balancing Historic Preservation with modernizing amenities


  • During construction an original mural was discovered beneath acoustical spray
  • Implementing green technologies – geothermal mechanical system
  • Adding required structural reinforcement that was consistent with the original building design would therefore go un-noticed