Traverse County Courthouse

In 2012, ORB assisted Traverse County officials with management and coordination of all planning and feasibility activities for the Traverse County Courthouse including: solicitation and selection of a design partner; an existing conditions assessment; and preliminary cost estimates comparing the restoration of the existing courthouse versus building new.

The facility assessment provided a thorough analysis of the existing condition of the Courthouse.  It included operating systems such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical as well as weather and energy efficiency items like windows, doors, lighting and air quality.  Exterior maintenance items such as parking lot flow & striping, building access and roof condition are easily overlooked but equally important.  Conducting an assessment is also an opportunity to examine space utilization, security & safety effectiveness, redefined work spaces, identify and plan for equipment upgrades and consider making retrofits that will reduce operational costs.  Each assessment we conduct is tailored to examine specific issues or constraints you are trying to address.  A final report will provide a planning tool for administrators and commissioners to consider when budgeting.

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