Industrial & Manufacturing

Every industrial or manufacturing project entails some degree of complexity – financing, site conditions, equipment & systems, building aesthetics, logistics, uninterrupted workflow, LEAN, hazardous materials handling & containment, emissions, climate control, mission critical, environmental impact, LEED certification, fulfillments & logistics.  Most business owners and operations leaders are focused on meeting production schedules, capturing efficiencies, retaining and acquiring new clients and developing new products.  And you should be.

For ORB, complexity is a niche market.  Exposing gaps in information, risks or unforeseen circumstances is a discipline and a forte we’ve worked hard to develop.  We’ve proactively sought out the most technically competent, trustworthy and collaborative partners across disciplines.  We’ve nurtured relationships that we know are reliable and can play a critical role in challenging assumptions, mitigating with proactive solutions and ultimately working toward the successful implementation of any complex manufacturing or industrial project.

In ORB’s case, it’s not a question of bench strength – it’s a matter of who’s in our league.

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