Alexandria Police Station

The City of Alexandria, Minnesota contracted with ORB to facilitate the design and construction of its Police Station.  The 24,000 square foot facility features cutting edge technology matched with state-of-the-art designs.

During the pre-construction phase of the project, ORB’s team collaborated with the design team to identify the following Value Engineering options that would generate project savings of $231,769.

Find your Project’s Sweet Spot

“I’m pleased with how ORB continues to perform on the project…even the architectural firm has commented to me about you being one of the better firms they’ve worked with and i’ve heard the same thing from the contractors on-site.  We are glad to have ORB involved in this project – we are convinced that it would not be on budget without your involvement…ORB is always the one that keeps us on the budget track.  Your team takes a lot of jabs for it, but they don’t seem to mind – I like that.”

– Dan Ness, Retired Mayor
City of Alexandria

Value Engineering

  • Pervious pavers in lieu of porous asphalt
  • Copper panels in lieu of proposed panel material
  • Remove mechanical equipment screening
  • Alternate toilet partitions


  • Reduce roof insulation resulting in a negligible operational cost impact
  • Alternate garage door type
  • Alternate flooring products
  • Door hardware revisions