Grand Marais Public Library

The Cook County 1% Sales Tax allowed for additions and interior renovations to the Grand Marais Public Library.

The project also included mechanical and electrical systems upgrades, building improvements and energy upgrades.  The property is owned by the City of Grand Marais but the project was funded by Cook County making the client relationship unique.  In this case, ORB, as the construction manager, was brought into the project late which complicated several factors including managing actual costs compared to preliminary estimates, meeting the needs of the Library and expectations of the County.

Our solution was to implement our Client Experience model.  The goal was to increase communication between all project stakeholders and mitigate any unexpected challenges as quickly as possible.  This was accomplished by broadening the meeting participation to include County, City and Library Board/Staff representatives.  Listening to understand each individual’s questions allowed us to clarify or address any concerns in a collaborative and proactive fashion.